Niagara Conference

Niagara is Back!

The Niagara Youth Conference began in 1993 in Niagara Falls, NY. This event was born out of a vision to bring church youth groups together from all different denominations to experience a God-Encounter and to give the students and youth ministries one common goal: to bring the Gospel to every middle and senior high school in their area. After years of incredible conferences in Niagara Falls, Joshua Revolution took the conference to other cities in New York State and around the country. Now, the Niagara Conference has once again returned to Niagara Falls and is carrying on it's legacy of preaching the message of the cross of Christ and the life-changing power of the Holy Spirit.  We are so excited the Niagara Youth Conference is back and we give God all the glory for everything He has done in the lives of young people and youth leaders through this event! 

Niagara '19 Photo Gallery

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