School of Joshua

The School of Joshua (SOJ) is a Bible School sponsored by Joshua Revolution that teaches the Word of God line upon line and precept upon precept (Isaiah 28:10). SOJ offers courses that are free of charge and open for all ages.

The spring semester course will also be offered for course credit for those who wish to work toward a certificate or degree in Biblical Studies. Quizzes, exams, and assignments will be administered during the semester only to students taking the course for credit. Registration will be accepted at class.

Spring Semester 2016


“Book of Romans, Part II” (Chapters 8-16)

This semester in the School of Joshua we will continue our study on the message of the Cross found in the book of Romans. Each student will learn how the Holy Spirit works, how He moves and operates in the child of God’s life. This is the most important study for the child of God, as without a proper understanding of the Holy Spirit there will be no real growth and victory in the believer’s life.

We will also study God’s plan for the two branches, the natural branch (Jews) and the one grafted into the body of Christ (Gentiles). Many preachers and churches today do not properly understand God’s plan for the Jews in the end times. Many teach that the Church is the new Israel and God is done with the Jewish people. This is a serious interpretational error and one Paul addresses in chapters 9-11.

We will also look at how proper faith leads to victorious practical living (fruit). The entire spectrum of the child of God’s conduct and relationship with God, fellow man and government will be topics we will study together.

This course is the signature course of the School of Joshua and was the first course ever given at SOJ. It is a mandatory requirement for every student that is looking to receive a Bible degree or certificate from SOJ.

Bible students who are not taking these courses for credit are welcome and will not be tested, so come one and come all!



Tuesdays 7-9 PM
January 26 – May 24

No class during Spring Recess on March 22 & 29


Ministry Headquarters
2920 Grand Island Boulevard
Grand Island, NY


Taught by Mike Chorey

For more information call 1 (888) 415-KIDS or Contact Us Online.